Haunted Houses

There are a lot of things to love about the season of Fall in Kansas City. The weather finally stops being so sweltering hot, and it's not quite the season where the winter winds begin to freeze all of our collective faces off. It's the season for enjoying the weather and Fall attractions with our loved ones, and breaking out all of the pumpkin and apple pies. The apple orchards and cider mills begin to open their doors and everyone leaves their homes and gets together with their family members at these beloved places. However, one of the most beloved things about the Fall season is the holiday of Halloween. Halloween is such a unique time of the year because it is a time for people to gather around and embrace all of their greatest fears. Because of this, everyone begins to dress up and attend all sorts of different Halloween-themed attractions such as horror movies at the local movie theatres, costume parties, bobbing-for-apples contests, and so on. However, one of the most popular Halloween-themed attractions are Haunted Houses.

Haunted Houses are usually large, re purposed houses that have been redecorated to appear like a place directly out of someone's worst nightmares. However, they can come in all sorts of different shapes and designs. The connecting factors being that they are decorated to fit a certain terrifying theme, and have actors within them that are well-trained to be extremely convincing and to scare the pants off of whoever is brave enough to pay the price of admission.

There are so many different shapes and designs that Haunted Houses can take the form of. For example, you can find a Haunted House that has the design of an abandoned hospital, where there are abandoned hospital rooms that you're forced to walk through and that tell a terrifying story of what once happened in those rooms, as well as actors dressed as terrifying doctors, nurses, and patients who will follow you and jump out at you when you're least expecting it. You can also find Haunted Houses that fit the traditional example of a Haunted House, where the house is dark, decorated with cobwebs and floating chairs, with actors dressed as ghosts and maniacal murderers who scare the socks off of whoever walks through the threshold. You can also find more niche Haunted Houses that take place outdoors such as haunted corn mazes which have the added fear of not knowing where the exit is. You might come across the same terrifying monster several times and need to escape them. This can be a great way to experience Haunted Houses.

An unfortunate thing about many Haunted Houses is that they only come around once a year, and usually only for about a month. This can be a major bummer for any Haunted House-goer because many of us don't have the time out of our busy schedules to set aside multiple days to attend Haunted Houses. A great way to circumvent this issue is by getting a group of friends together to rent a party bus to take all of you around to the best Haunted Houses in your local area. This way you can sit back, relax, take a few drinks of liquid courage, and attend the next horrifying Haunted attraction. This way you can attend as many horrifying Haunted Houses in one nights as you can, while being able to have the support system of all of your closest friends.