Bachelorette Party

While other cities like Vegas, LA or even St. Louis offer tons of experiences for a bachelorette party, a Kansas City bachelorette party is nonetheless a solid choice. From the nearly countless upscale bars and restaurants in the city to some of the city’s hottest nightclubs and strip clubs, there’s a lot in Kansas City to make your bachelorette party amazing. Grab some of your best girlfriends and hit the town like you mean it as you see some of the hottest men in Missouri dance on stage. Or, take mom, sis and your bridesmaids to a relaxing night out at a beautiful restaurant in town. Whichever night you plan, know that holding your bachelorette party in Kansas City is a great idea. So in order to help make this a night you’ll remember forever, here are a few pointers on the excitement you’ll find in Kansas City.

Pubs and Bars

If you aren’t that interested in seeing nude dancers (after all, you do have your soon-to-be husband for that!), a great idea for a bachelorette party is taking your girls out to one of the city’s finest restaurants. Order up some great food and some great drinks and let the conversations flow as you treat yourself to honest entertainment in a high-class restaurant. Some dining hotspots in the city are the 801 Chophouse (for a great steak) and Bluestem (for some seriously unique dishes). And if you’re looking to get your dance on, Kansas City is packed with trendy nightclubs. From the bassy hip-hop music at 7hundred to the soulful Latino music at Madrigall, you’ll be dancing the night away to your favorite music in no time.

Party Venues and Private Dancers

While Kansas City is pretty scant on male strip clubs (other than the rambunctious drag queens at Missie B’s), there are a ton of private venues you can book for your party. Instead of going to a nightclub and having to explain 800 times over that you’re already taken, why not throw your own party? No expensive drink prices, no horny men all over your ladies and you get to choose your own dancers. What could be better? Thanks to the city’s numerous private stripper companies — from the sexy guy/girl combos at Life of the Party to the chiseled men at Hot ’n’ Ripped —, there’s a hunk out there who can meet you and your girlfriends high standards.

And with all the elegant venues in the city, you can have a high-class party with just you and your girlfriends. Forget other ladies trying to interfere with your dances, with your own private venue and handpicked strippers, the night is all yours. If you’re looking for a cozy venue for a small guest list, the Berg is great. With a beautiful brick interior and a huge dance floor, the strippers are optional here. But if you’re looking for something elegant that can hold a lot of guests, look into the Guild. Full of beautiful chandelier and an outdoor area, this event is perfect for a huge party. And with several rooms available, you can even have your own VIP room for the hottest dancers.

Party Buses and Limousines

Take advantage of these great attractions by renting a party bus for the night. With a party bus, you can zip all around town in high fashion and thoroughly tipsy. Between all the great restaurants and nightclubs in town, why limit yourself. See all of them! Scheduling an expansive bar/restaurant crawl is the perfect way to experience all the nightlife options in Kansas City.